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Cowboys On Main

Gunfights at 11 am and 1 pm ONLY at Rattle Snake Ridge located in the back yard of the Bandera Convention and Visitor's Bureau, 126 State Hwy South, Bandera, Tx 78003. Gun Safety demonstrated at all performances.

If raining, visit with the Bandera Cattle Company Gunfighters at the Bandera General Store.

Each week has different performances starting with strolling singers, chuck wagons, trick ropers, horses, wagon rides will perform from 10 am until 2 pm and will be located either in front of the Court House or just about anywhere around town.

Covered wagon rides on select days, starting at the Court House.


Bandera has been officially designated by the State of TEXAS as the
Cowboy Capital of the World

How did we get that title? In the late 1800's many Longhorn cattle roamed free throughout South Texas. The cattle were rounded up, branded and then herded north for sale.  Bandera was one of the gathering places for the over 10 million head of Longhorns that were gathered in South Texas and made their way through Texas and Oklahoma to railheads in Kansas and Nebraska - an important factor in developing the cattle industry as far north as Wyoming and Montana. Many cowboys made their living driving cattle and that history is dear to Bandera.


Though less well known than the Chisholm trail, the Great Western Cattle Trail was longer in length and carried cattle for two years longer than the Chisholm. The history of the trail was featured in a well known book and movie, "Lonesome Dove", written by Larry McMurtry. 

Since many a cowboy got his start in Bandera by hiring on as a cattle drover, we celebrate the Cowboy in our Saturday afternoon Cowboys on Main project. 

Join us as we celebrate our history and share with you the Cowboy Capital of the World! 

Photos courtesy of Bandera Cattle Company Gunfighters

and 1881 Old Time Photography

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